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Master Badge Curriculum

Our 12-week curriculum is recognized by the US Department of Labor as the formal training component in a new Apprenticeship for 3D printing technicians. The curriculum will provide minority youth with the core competencies and foundational skills of 3D printing and has been recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as an Industry Recognized credential that can be used as a pathway towards graduation.

Making Beauty Tutorial

E3 Pathways Program

Summer Programming & Afterschool Enrichment

Students with the Evolve Innovation Center will engage in an experience that will transform their perspectives. The environment will challenge their critical thinking skills, enhance their creativity, and prepare them for the limitless opportunities of an evolving world.

Our program, inspired by MIT's approach, emphasizes a hands-on, project-based pedagogy to engage and inspire students in the realm of 3D printing design. The curriculum aims to engage students from various backgrounds, bridge the gender and minority gaps in the field and empower students to pursue their interests and careers in STEM with confidence.

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